Black Skinhead (Goat Remix)

While listening to the new album from Kanye West, this is all I could think of:

Goat remixes are one of my favorite youtube genres. I am happy to be able to contribute to it. 

Other Goat Remixes:
Taylor Swift  -- Goat Remix
Bon Jovi -- Goat Remix
Gotye -- Goat Remix


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"How She Floats" by Joy Ike

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Pittsburgh-based musician Joy Ike and a beautiful Steinway piano at CMU's College of Fine Arts.

If you like the song, consider buying it.

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Two Tracks with Buttonsz

Buttonsz is an up and coming Pittsburgh rapper and member The H&T. I recently met up with her in Pittsburgh's beautiful Highland Park and filmed these two videos:

the beat on the first video is courtest of The Rhythm Thief

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From the 38th Floor

Last thursday was a night of fortuitous accidents. While scouting music video locations with StraightValue, a series of one-time opportunties lead us to an outside balcony on the 38th floor of the Cathedral of Learning. While, unfortunately too dark to shoot a scene for the video, I seized the moment to take some time-lapse footage and put together a short video. The view from there is incredible.

Music courtesy of StraightValue

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Timothy Jaromir with Christina Maria, Part 1

Timothy Jaromir performing his new song "The Artist" with Christina Maria on the Lindenhof in Zürich Switzerland. More video from this session to come...

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Songwriting & Solitude with Christina Maria

In this mini-documentary, Christina Maria talks about songwriting and the importance of being alone from time to time.

Check out Christina's newest album Straight Line, on iTunes. Also, don't miss Christina Maria performing Moving You, which was filmed at the same time and location as the video above. 

This video is the first of several mini-documentary portraits that I have in the works. Stay tuned.

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A Perfect Moment with Lindsay Ferguson

Lindsay Ferguson came through Zürich and after her show at the best cafe in Zürich we filmed two videos for the Presented by Cafe Henrici video series. The way the people in the street reacted to her and what happens at the beginning of part II made for a perfect, real life moment for me. Enjoy!

"Right About You" by Lindsay Ferguson

"Boxing Gloves by Lindsay Ferguson

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Les Shelleys, Part 2 - "The Biggest Lie"

Another charming cover from Les Shelleys, this time being "The Biggest Lie" by Elliott Smith.

Don't miss Part 1, wherein this delightful duo performs "I'm On Fire" by the Boss.

Les Shelleys, Part 1 - "I'm On Fire"

Les Shelleys is the American duo consisting of Tom Brosseau and Angela Correa. They came through Zürich in November to play a show at Helsinki Klub and afterward, in the "green room" (actually a small trailer), they played a few charming covers songs. I captured these songs on video and here is the first, a delightful cover of I'm On Fire by Bruce Springsteen:
Les Shelleys have an self-titled album which is available on iTunes or from Fat Cat Records

Molly Rose in Zürich

Molly Rose is a musician from Seattle who recently moved to Zürich. After her first ever Swiss performance at Cafe Henrici, we headed out into the cold night and shot two videos for the Presented by Cafe Henrici series.



Special thanks to Rok for being an impromptu sound man.