Pocket Cam: The Cowboy and The Bull

This edition of Pocket Cam takes place in the famous Galleria in Milano, Italy. It documents two everyday occurences that are a little bit strange out of context. Watch:

The Cowboy is just one of the many different animatronic toys that vendors are selling inside the Galleria. I think their main selling strategy is to have people trip over them in the busy path.

The Bull is a particular tile mosaic on the floor of the Galleria. It is said to be good luck to grind your heel in a circle three times on this bull's testicles. It is a very popular tourist attraction. Go figure.

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Photo Blog #8 - Bonus Torino Edition

I spent the weekend with my wife in Torino, Italy. Here are some images from there.

The transfer point between Zürich and Torino. The Milano train station.A galleria in TorinoClick below for more photos

The Belltower in TorinoWhat appears to be an old theater.Looking down a busy street

Another galleriaThe Mole Antonelliana.Down Via Garibaldi