Intervalometry: Sunrise Partial Eclipse

This morning there was a partial eclipse visible at sunrise from the east coast. I gathered together my equipment and shot this time lapse

Unfortunately, the clouds prevented me from witnessing the entire event, but I think the time laose looks pretty cool nonetheless. 

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Intervalometry: Brooklyn to Manhattan

On a recent trip to NYC, I rigged my Gopro on my backpack and shot this timelapse while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Intervalometry: Family Wii Bowling Tournament

Intervalometry: Family Wii Bowling Tournament

Over the holidays I discovered the app iTimelapse Pro which seems to be the best timelapse applications in the app store to date. As a quick test of its capabilities I placed my iPhone in front of the TV and recorded my family's post-Thanksgiving Wii Bowling tournament:

The low light makes for some compression artifacting, but it is altogether very impressive for an iPhone.

Intervalometry: Central Market, Lancaster PA

We went to the Central Market in Lancaster Pennsylvania on Tuesday to shop for Thanksgiving. I thought it would be a fun oppurtunity to make a time lapse. All I had with me was my iPhone, but using the app ReelMoments I was able to make this:

iPhone-friendly Youtube Link

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Intervalometry: Mobile Edition #1

Intervalometry is a feature on my blog that highlights time lapse video that I have created. Thanks to the iPhone app ReelMoments by Nexvio I can now create and publish time lapses using only my iPhone 3GS. These videos will be labeled as Mobile Edition. Here is the first one. I made it just about 2 hours ago at the Milchbuck Park.

View on YouTube

This blog post was also created on my iPhone using the new Squarespace iPhone app. All future mobile editions will be done the same way.

Intervalometry: Three Towers

I shot this time lapse over a month ago at the Milchbuck Park near the Universität Irchel in Zürich. I finally got around to processing it the other day. I was trying out some new tricks on this one. Other than the obvious vignette, I utlized some perspective correction and motion blur to add to it's unique look. The ambient sound was recorded in another time and place altogether, but I think it fits.

For more time lapse imagery check out Intervalometry.
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Intervalometry: Monmartre, Paris.

This is a time lapse I shot in Monmartre at the base of the Sacre Coeur by the carousel. Movie buffs will recognize this location from Amelie. You will also recognize the Bracelet Makers if you have watched my Scenes from Paris in Six Acts. Karla and I got engaged here four years ago.

Intervalometry: The National Mall

Here is another time lapse I shot on my recent trip to Washington D.C. This was not the most comfortable thing to shoot because I was crouched over my camera with an umbrella, in an attempt to keep it and myself dry. The sound in the video was recorded on my iPhone -- which is a great ambient sound gathering device. One little thing I like in this video is the little birds who seem like they are grazing in the grass.

UPDATE: A problem with vimeo is making this unplayable. View it directly on Vimeo.

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Intervalometry: The Beginning

I love time lapse photography. For several months now I have had the ability to create high quality time lapse footage due to my CHDK hacked Canon G9. For some reason, I have not been taking full advantage of this. That is why I am starting this semi-regular series called Intervalometry, where I will post time lapse video -- semi-regularly. Without further ado, here is some footage shot out of the window at Image Engineers:

Here are a couple of timelapses I did previously: Zürich Timlapse and Infrared Timelapse