A Perfect Moment with Lindsay Ferguson

Lindsay Ferguson came through Zürich and after her show at the best cafe in Zürich we filmed two videos for the Presented by Cafe Henrici video series. The way the people in the street reacted to her and what happens at the beginning of part II made for a perfect, real life moment for me. Enjoy!

"Right About You" by Lindsay Ferguson

"Boxing Gloves by Lindsay Ferguson

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Molly Rose in Zürich

Molly Rose is a musician from Seattle who recently moved to Zürich. After her first ever Swiss performance at Cafe Henrici, we headed out into the cold night and shot two videos for the Presented by Cafe Henrici series.



Special thanks to Rok for being an impromptu sound man.

Rita Hey

Here are two more videos in the Presented by Cafe Henrici series, this time with the country/folk duo Rita Hey. We found a cozy alley in the Niederdorf and they played two songs:

Professional Lovers by Rita Hey

I Am Here To Stay by Rita Hey

Later that evening Rita Hey performed at Cafe Henrici. You can see them perform Heavy Metal Relationship on Youtube. I really enjoyed their performance, and their album We Know You Well, Sweet Misery is also very good.

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The Human Statues

A few weeks ago Jeff Bryant of the Canadian duo The Human Statues came through Zürich to play a gig at Cafe Henrici. The next day we got together and made a couple of videos in the Niederdorf. The first song was tricky for me because I was walking backwards:

The Man on the Radio by The Human Statues

The second song was tricky for Jeff because this time, he had to walk backwards. Playing guitar while walking backwards is probably harder than holding a camera.

Honest Man by The Human Statues

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Jane Lui @ Cafe Henrici

Here is Jane Lui performing her original song "Long Ago" from her show at the best cafe in Zürich back in May

This song will be on her new album Goodnight Company coming later this year.


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Illusionist Boy by Jane Lui

Last Month Jane Lui perfomed at Cafe Henrici. Before her set, when went to a beautiful rooftop in the Niederdorf and filmed this:
iPhone/iPad friendly Youtube Version

Check out more awesome videos of Jane on her Youtube channel

Special thanks to George, Tito and Olivia. 

Ad Hoc = Andre Hochuli + Linda Suter

iPhone-Friendly Youtube Version

Ad Hoc is a duo from Winterthur comprised of Andre Hochuli (Guitar, Vocals) and Linda Suter (Violin, Vocals). On Tuesday February 23 they performed the song Futile Crush which has become the third in the Niederdorf Music Video series I am creating for Cafe Henrici. The location was on Spiegelgasse right up the alley from the famous Cabaret Voltaire.

For iPod/iPhone or Mp3

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Lia Sells Fish

iPhone-Friendly Youtube Link

Lia Sells Fish is the stage name of singer/songwriter Christine Hasler. She played a show at Cafe Henrici on February 2 with her guitarist Steve Schnider. Before the show, we found a nice secluded spot in the Niederdorf and filmed the video above. The song is called Eve.

Download: for iPod/iPhone Download: Mp3

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Need a Place to Play? (w/ free mp3 & video)

Cafe Henrici is the best cafe in Zürich -- no contest. Karla and I discovered it several months ago and I have been hooked ever since. Not only is their coffee delicious and amazing, but the people who run it are super nice as well as passionate about coffee. They have recently began live music sessions in the evenings and when Will Sartain came to play on Dec 12, we made this video.

iPhone-friendly Youtube Version

Since it is the season for giving here are a couple free downloads for your virtual stockings:
mp3 Small Humans by Will Sartain
Small Humans video for your iPhone/iPod


Pocket Cam: Stand by Me in the Niederdorf

 My Photo Blog is the result of having a photo camera with me at all times, but I also always have a video camera with me as well. In this Pocket Cam segment of my blog I will showcase entertaining bits of video I have captured during my day-to-day life.
Last night Karla and I were walking in the Niederdorf when a lively group of men began singing acappella tunes at random moments as they strolled down the street. Eventually I pulled out my Canon G9, switched into video mode, and captured this little gem:

The video from the G9 is obviously not the greatest quality, but there is something very charming about this grainy little video. I really like how the different people walk in and out of the scene, especially when the couple holding hands moves over the camera. I also really like the framing, with the Grossmunster in the background and the one street lamp backlighting the singers. A perfect first entry for Pocket Cam (although this post probably qualifies as well).

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