"Non-Toxic" by TELEKINESIS

Performed live in a quaint corner of Sursee, Switzerland:

If you are not aware, TELEKINESIS is the project of seattle native Michael Benjamin Lerner. His first album, called TELEKINESIS! is excellent. It can be bought on iTunes or via the Merge Records website.

The song from this video is available from his EP Parallel Seismic Conspiracies.

A new TELEKINESIS album entitled "12 Desperate Straight Lines" is due in February. 

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Ad Hoc = Andre Hochuli + Linda Suter

iPhone-Friendly Youtube Version

Ad Hoc is a duo from Winterthur comprised of Andre Hochuli (Guitar, Vocals) and Linda Suter (Violin, Vocals). On Tuesday February 23 they performed the song Futile Crush which has become the third in the Niederdorf Music Video series I am creating for Cafe Henrici. The location was on Spiegelgasse right up the alley from the famous Cabaret Voltaire.

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Amir-John Haddad @ Cafe Henrici

Amir-John Haddad is a world famous flamenco guitar player who recently played a Moods here in Zürich. I met him through a mutual friend and filmed that show. On his way back to Madrid from Germany he stopped again in Zürich and played an impromptu show at Cafe Henrici which I filmed as well. Here is one piece from that show:

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