Pocket Cam: Los Voladores de Papantla

You can read more about the dance of the flyers on Wikipedia

This edition of Pocket Cam was shot on an iPhone 4 and edited with Vimeo's new iOS app.

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Pocket Cam: Relic

It's been a while since my last Pocket Cam entry, and this one is the least "pocket" of them all because I happened to have my tripod and my Zoom H1 with me at the time:
Thanks to my friend Pascal Grob for being the man in the photobooth.

For those who are in Zürich, the photobooth is located near Goldbrunnenplatz.

Here's a website dedicated to the photobooth.

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Pocket Cam: Scenes from Berlin

I am stretching the definition of "pocket" a bit with this video since it was shot with my 550d. However, the camera is still relatively small and portable. Also, if I have my 550d with me I won't be carrying my Mino or make the choice to film with the iPhone. Pocket Cam is more about capturing the unique scenes as they happen and not the size of the camera.

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Pocket Cam: The Raveners live at the Apple Store

Last night was the first ever in house performance at the Zürich Apple Store. The band was called the Raveners.
iPhone Friendly Youtube Link 

An interesting thing to note here is how much of an Apple junkie I am. This was filmed with an iPhone 3GS, in an Apple Store and edited on an iMac with Final Cut Pro. I swear, Apple really owes me some sponsorship money...

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Pocket Cam: Tom Brosseau w/ Angela Correa live in Zürich

On Friday night Tom Brosseau played at the Helsinki Bar here in Zürich. He was accomapanied Angela Correa. In this edition of Pocket Cam they perform Tom's original song "Mary Anne".

Pocket Cam is a continuing feature that highlights video I have recorded with cheap, pocketable video cameras. This video was created with an iPhone 3GS.

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Pocket Cam: The Future of the Colony

Pocket Cam is a recurring feature on my blog where I capture unique scenes from everyday life on video. The word 'Pocket' implies that I am using one of my small, consumer quality cameras (Canon G9 or MinoHD). I like these cameras because I can shoot video no matter where I am. This edition of Pocket Cam is the first I have shot using my iPhone 3GS.

iPhone Friendly Youtube Link.

While on a walk I noticed an ant hill with many winged queens. After observing for a moment I realized they were all attempting to fly away, some with more success than others. These clumsy queens were the future of the colony. It was a very nice moment.

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Pocket Cam: The Cowboy and The Bull

This edition of Pocket Cam takes place in the famous Galleria in Milano, Italy. It documents two everyday occurences that are a little bit strange out of context. Watch:

The Cowboy is just one of the many different animatronic toys that vendors are selling inside the Galleria. I think their main selling strategy is to have people trip over them in the busy path.

The Bull is a particular tile mosaic on the floor of the Galleria. It is said to be good luck to grind your heel in a circle three times on this bull's testicles. It is a very popular tourist attraction. Go figure.

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Pocket Cam: Piano Concert at Bellevue

I shot this video a couple of weeks ago. This guy had hauled a piano out to Bellevue in Zürich and was playing for tips. Props to him for the manual labor at minimum.

Similar videos include Stand by Me in the Niederdorf and This Puppet Thinks You're Beautiful.

Pocket Cam: Sechseläuten 2009

This edition of Pocket Cam features footage from Sechseläuten, one of my favorite holidays. If you don't know what it is, watch until the end to see one of the reasons I like it so much.

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Pocket Cam: This Puppet Thinks "You're Beautiful"

Here is an entrancing scene I captured right next to the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, Paris.

iPhone Friendly Youtube Version

I am definitely not a James Blunt fan. However, something about this song being sang by a Marionette makes it much more tolerable. This is a perfect true life scene to me. My favorite part is when I finally pan up to reveal the puppeteer. You can really tell how much he enjoys what he does. If you are ever in Paris and run into this guy, be sure to toss hime some change.

Pocket Cam: Scenes from Paris

I have just returned from a trip from Paris with my wife and brother in-law. Over the 4 days that we were there, I shot lots of photos, video and a time lapse or two. Over the next few weeks I will be posting the best of it. First up, the second installment of Pocket Cam. This time it's a montage of little scenes I captured in the streets of Paris. Enjoy!

Pocket Cam: Stand by Me in the Niederdorf

 My Photo Blog is the result of having a photo camera with me at all times, but I also always have a video camera with me as well. In this Pocket Cam segment of my blog I will showcase entertaining bits of video I have captured during my day-to-day life.
Last night Karla and I were walking in the Niederdorf when a lively group of men began singing acappella tunes at random moments as they strolled down the street. Eventually I pulled out my Canon G9, switched into video mode, and captured this little gem:

The video from the G9 is obviously not the greatest quality, but there is something very charming about this grainy little video. I really like how the different people walk in and out of the scene, especially when the couple holding hands moves over the camera. I also really like the framing, with the Grossmunster in the background and the one street lamp backlighting the singers. A perfect first entry for Pocket Cam (although this post probably qualifies as well).

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