Pocket Cam: Scenes from Berlin

I am stretching the definition of "pocket" a bit with this video since it was shot with my 550d. However, the camera is still relatively small and portable. Also, if I have my 550d with me I won't be carrying my Mino or make the choice to film with the iPhone. Pocket Cam is more about capturing the unique scenes as they happen and not the size of the camera.

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Modern Retro #1

I recently downloaded the the Hipstamatic app for iPhone and I like it so much I have decided to make a new feature here on the automatic filmmaker: Modern Retro.

Modern Retro will feature photos taken using Hipstamatic and will normally be posted while I'm on the go.

A few words about the Hisptamatic. What makes this app interesting is that it simulate the workflow of a film camera. You have to choose how your image will look before you take the picture by choosing a "lens", "film" and "flash"(all simulations of the real thing). After you take the picture you must wait for the app to "develop" and "print". Which forces you to slow down between shots. I really like the idea of an app that puts the thought back in to individual pictures.