48 hour film competition

The talentscreen.ch 48 hour film competition is in its final stages. Just over 6 more hours remain until we have to turn in our film. I am failry happy with how it turned out. Shooting with a RED ONE from the very generous rental company Octamas was the best thing about the shoot. It makes me never want to shoot HDV again.
The competition began at 12:00 on Friday. All of the teams met at the UTO Kino in Z├╝rich and were given the theme for the competition. This years theme was "Dreck am stecken," which roughly translates to "Dirty Hands" implying some kind of guilt. After we got our theme we spent about 3 hours working out the story and another 4 hours or so organizing the location, actors, props, wardrobe, etc. We arrived at our location at around 8:00pm and we shot until 8:00am.
With all the shooting done we decided it was best that we get some sleep, and start editing at 5:00pm. We have been editing ever since. I would say that we are about 97% completed right now.

Stay tuned, I will post some frame grabs later.