Notable Posts of 2013

Here are 9 notable blog posts from 2013, in chronological order:

1. Everything You Have
In early 2013 Joy Ike released her new album "All or Nothing" and her first single "Everything You Have" for which I directed the music video. Any shoot that involves throwing cupcakes is a good time.

2.  Photo Blog #149: Secret Service
A photo taken at Obama's second inauguration as the parade down Pennsylvania began. These secret service guys were on the car just before Obama's limousine. Police from every state lined the parade route and you can see two from Florida on the sides of the frame.


3. Black Skinhead Goat Remix
I really enjoyed Kanye's new album "Yeezus" but when I heard the track black skinhead I was compelled to make a Goat Remix of it. If you are not aware of the phenomenon of Goat Remixes do yourself a favor and search for them on Youtube.

4. Intervalometry: Washington D.C. Fireworks
The view from my Mom's apartment probably has the best view of the 4th of July fireworks in the city. I couldn't resist making a time lapse.

5. Photo Blog #154: Nude Descending a Staircase
My first photo blog entry that I made since moving to Washington D.C. This was shot in the Russell Senate Office Buidling

6. Photo Blog #155: Indestructible Self-Portrait
Man Ray is one of my favorite artists, so when I saw his famous work "Indestructible Object" in the Smithosonia American Art Museum, I was compelled to take a selfie of sorts.

7. Portrait of an Urban Beekeeper Premiere
On October 26th, I premiered my short documentary "Portrait of an Urban Beekeeper" at CMU in Pittsburgh. Keep an eye out for the public release of this film this year.

8. Intervalometry: Sunrise Partial Eclipse
On November 3rd, there was a partial eclipse of the sun visible just at sunrise. On a whim, I decided to film a time lapse of it. There were many clouds in the way which obscured the sun for the most part, but that lead to this dramatic imagery. This video turned out to be the most viewed video I have on my Youtube account.

9. 2013 Capitol Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony
Occasionally, I like to wander the tunnels of the various congressional buildings. One day in December while doing this, I ran into a group of protesters occupying the hallway outside of John Boehner's office. They were protesting his refusal to allow a vote in the House of an Immigration Reform bill which passed the senate with bipartisan support. Since the speaker is traditionally responsible for lighting the Capitol Christmas tree, they took it as an opportunity for a holiday themed protest.