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One lazy April Sunday, a group of honey bees spotted a hole in the wall of my house and decided that it would make a cozy new home. I didn't think that it was such a good idea, but knowing how valuable honey bees are to agriculture, I didn't want to just call an exterminator. When I searched online for someone who could peacefully resolve this apian housing dispute, I met local bee keeper Stephen Repasky. I watched him observe the bees and was impressed by his knowledge and understanding of these tiny creatures. He was able to "trick" them into moving out of our wall and into a hive that he had brought. The thought then occurred to me that he would be a fascinating subject for a short documentary.

To fund this project I will be using which I have never tried before and I am very curious how well it will work. If you are interested in contributing to this short documentary please visit the Kickstarter page for my project and choose one of the rewards, many of which include fresh, local honey from the apiaries of Stephen Repasky, who is the subject of this documentary.

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