Notable Blog Posts of 2011

The following is a list of notable posts I made here in 2011, in chronological order. Keep in mind that 'notability' is completely subjective. Please feel free to look through all of my posts from 2011 and decide for yourself.
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Shortly after the egyptian revolutions began, this found object seemed very appropriate

Kodachrome is Dead
a post-mortem review on the one and only roll of Kodachrome I have ever shot.

Goodnight Company by Jane Lui
The second video to be released from Jane Lui's latest album of the same name.

Will Ferrel/Colonel Qaddafi Mash-up
I noticed that Qaddafi shared a striking resemblance to a beloved SNL character

Songwriting & Solitude with Christina Maria
A mini-documentary about Christina Maria's songwriting process. She is currently recording her new album, KODIAK.

Photo Blog #117
Titled "Shanghai Self-Portrait" -- probably my favorite photo blog entry of the year.

Johanna Tagada has Monstrous Friends
A mini-documentary about the street art of Johanna Tagada 

Photo Blog #119
This photo was taken at the massive protests that took place in Madrid, Spain

Photo Blog #123
My first Photo Blog taken in Pittsburgh, in my new neighborhood called 'Squirrel Hill'

Timothy Jaromir with Christina Maria
The last video project I filmed while living Switzerland