Photo Blog Retrospective

My goal when I started my Photo Blog entries back in 2008 was to force myself to publish something creative on a regular basis and help me grow as an artist. I definitely think that it has been a worthy pursuit. Now that I have made 100 Photo Blog entries, I thought it would be interesting to look back at some of them from the past ~2 years.

I have a hard time objectively judging my own work, so instead of making a "best of" I will just pick out a few entries which stand out due to the story behind them, the circumstance, technique, or something else that was notable. (each link opens in a new window)

Photo Blog #15: I was in Gruyeres last weekend.
A photo of the church in Gruyères. Gruyères is a special place to me because that is where I filmed my documentary about H.R. Giger. Anytime I produce a project in a particular place, that place feels like a home to me.

Photo Blog #20: An early morning shot of the Capitol Building on inauguration day.
My wife and I were in Washington D.C. to witness the inauguration of President Obama. It was pretty amazing to be there on that historical day even thought it was freezing out on the Mall at 5 in the morning. 

Photo Blog #36: Bonus Paris Edition
This was one of the multi-picture photoblog which I used to do. I have since decided that one picture at a time is better. I love Paris. It is where my wife and I were engaged over 5 years ago. This is a selection of photos of a trip we took to Paris in 2009

Photo Blog #46: Say a little prayer.
This was one of those perfect moments. I was walking around Zürich with my OG Lensbaby when just as I passed this school tourist group, one of the kids turned his back to the other and began to pray. He seemed to be in his own little world.

Photo Blog #56: Histoire Metallique.
This was shot in the library of Stift Klosterneuburg just outside of Vienna, Austria. I was there helping out my friend Jason film a short documentary which can be seen here. It was quite a unique experience to live in a monastery for a short time.

Photo Blog #71: Grossmünster(s)
I took these photos shortly after I acquired my Polaroid Image System camera. I have since become a big fan of the camera and it has been featured commonly in my photoblog.

Photo Blog #76: der Prime Tower im Bau.
As of July 2010,  the Prime Tower is the tallest building in Switzerland. At 126m it isn't so impressive when compared to most cities, but in Zürich it really stands out. I really like the tower and took this photo on a day went I was planning to photograph it specifically.

Photo Blog #79: She found the time.
This photo was taken during a fashion shoot called "Instant Alchemy" I made for Kimandra. It was a very fun and creative day. 


Photo Blog #94: Coffee girl.

At every coffee shop in Ethiopia, there is a raised platform where a woman prepares coffee in the traditional manner. Coffee is very important in Ethiopian culture. That is probably why I liked the country so much.

Those are just a few of the Photos which had a background story that stood out to me. If anyone is curious about any of my other Photo Blog entries feel free to as on my contact page. 

I'm looking forward to creating my next 100 Photo Blogs.