Got My Jailcard.

We just finished production of the Jailcard music video which will be the first single from Jane Lui's new album Goodnight Company. Check out these cool kids:

Pictured: Myself, Angela, Anthony, Sonali, Kayla, Matt, Marc, Jane and AppaThe video features a really cool dance sequence choreographed by Matt Gutierrez. The people pictured are the core dancers who did an amazing job. In addition to the dance scene which took place at night, we also filmed near the LA railyard around sunset. The cinematography in both scenes was done by the very talented William Eubank.

I'm really happy wth what we came up with and am excited for when it's done and everybody can see it. I'll start cutting it together as soon as I return to Switzerland. Look for it soon!

If you read my last film update about the video for Goodnight Company, its still coming but just a bit after Jailcard. Stay tuned.