Plastic Bullet Review

Plastic Bullet is a new photo-manipulation app for iPhone developed by Red Giant Software (the app's name is a reference to their popular video color correction software Magic Bullet). Plastic bullet is intended to simulate the effects of cheap, plastic-lensed film cameras like the Holga, Diana, etc. intro screenWhen you open the app it prompts you to either select a photo from your camera roll, or take a photo in the app. After the photo is chosen or taken, you are presented with four randomly generated variations of the image.  variationsThe variations are based on a combination of color toning, contrast, saturation, simulated film burn, vignetting, blur, etc. If you tap on a variation you are giving the option to save it or go back. If you do not like any of the four choices you can simply press the refresh button to make 4 entirely new variations of your image.    I really like this app. The quality of the results are great. I also like the fact the it is selectionrandom, but you still have the choice of which random variation you choose. It's all the fun of shooting with a crappy plastic camera with none of the commitment. The one big downside to the app is it will only save images at 800x600 resolution. However Red Giant has said they will allow full resolution saves soon. I look forward to this update. Plastic Bullet costs 1.99 in the app store. Here are a few more images.





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