"Understanding the Financial Crisis" or "This is Why We're Screwed"

The EconomyThe Economy: Like Flamingos in the SnowThis is one of my rare non-visual-media related posts. It is going to verge on a rant, but ultimately it is more about sharing educational sources with as many people as possible. This is not intended to be blog spam, but a way to share several sources in one place.

I just finished listening to the latest episode of This American Life called "Bad Bank." This episode explains, in regular language, the mess our banking system is in right now. I think what it elucidates is how complex and unstable the situation is. As much as I would like all those banks that made terrible decisions to go out of business, this podcast has shown me how unfeasible that is -- and how there is no miracle solution. 

This latest "This American Life" was a cooperation between them and NPR. It is hosted by Alex Blumberg and Adam Davidson who have created similarly educational audio about the economy in the past.

Here is a list of podcasts by this group. If you listen to these in order, you can at least have some understanding of why we're screwed. 

Subscribe to This American Life via iTunes1. The Giant Pool of Money

2. Another Frightening Hour About the Economy

3. Bad Bank

Tie these together with a daily listening of:

4. The Planet Money Podcast

What I like about these shows is the excellence of their reporting. They present every side of the argument with a rational approach, they explain the issues clearly, and most importantly, they leave it open for you to form your own opinion. This is brilliant radio.

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Do you know any other great sources for understanding this mess? Leave a comment below.