Why I Make Films.

A room full of rodent bones.There are many reasons why I decided to become a filmmaker. Many of the reasons are fairly normal; The thrill of creating something new, the joy of collaboration, the allure of fame, etc. However, one of my primary motivations is quite different, I think. I make films because of the strange and random situations I get to experience in the pursuit of making a film project. When I am in a unique situation, I always think that I would never have had this experience if I wasn't in this business.

The following is a list of things I have done with the end goal being some kind of motion picture project(in no particular order).

  • Saved Matt Czurchy's pants, so he could go home.
  • Met someone in a parking lot because they had a russian accent.
  • Shoveled Mud until 5am
  • Met friend in London for two hours just to shoot a music video.
  • Sat behind Morgan Spurlock at a swank Hollywood awards show.
  • Went on a very long quest for enourmous wings.
  • Been Backstage at a fashion show.
  • Hiked the longest glacier in the alps with the father of trick skiing.
  • Watched goats walk through a restaurant terrace.
  • Been at a long-out-of-business 50's diner at dawn.
  • Sped through downtown LA, shining a strobelight out of the window.
  • Went to SF to meet the EFF.
  • Drove an hour and a half to give someone pants.
  • Cleaned a room full of rodent bones.
  • Video production with a still camera.
  • Attended a World's Strongest Man competition.
  • Had Sushi with a web startup that eventually went belly up.
  • Had Free champagne and free reign of a hip dance club.
  • Ate Spaghetti with H.R. Giger.

And countless more.

From what I can tell, filmmaking is one of the only jobs that can give such unique experiences while still being the same job. Does that make any sense? 

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