John McCain Doesn't Understand Modern Media

He doesn't learn from his mistakes either.

Back in June, McCain gave a speech in Lousiana, his first after Obama had clenched the Democratic nomination, and arguably McCain's most important campaign speech to date. Well, the geniuses in McCain's campaign set up this nice stage for him:

Not only is green a bad color to contrast with a human face (it makes you look old and sickly -- umm...), this background also initiated Project Make McCain More Exciting wherein Stephen Colbert asked Americans to do just that. Watch:

Well, last Thursday, McCain gave his most important speech in his candidacy so far -- his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention... and what do you know:
Come on! This time it's an even better green screen! To be fair, it wasn't like this the whole time. The background was a screen with revolving stock imagery, and this was the grass in front of a building. However, you would think that his team would have the foresight to know what the close-up camera angle was going to look like. Also, at points in his speech, the background was completely blue -- a background that is suitable for color keying as well. It wasn't too long before McCain was served up the political equivalent of the Rick Roll: The Barack Roll

These are the most recent and blatant examples of McCain not understanding how modern media works.  John McCain doesn't know how to use a computer. He doesn't understand that if you say something, then later say the exact opposite, someone will cut these statements together. Also, he doesn't realize that if you check out your new hot running mate's ass while she gives her introductory speech, everyone will see you. While on the subject of Sarah Palin: If you try to sell her as being a rebel against government earmarks, make sure she is not Queen of Earmarks. Back to McCain, he may not know how many houses he owns, but he could have checked Google Earth. The list of McCain obliviousness goes on, and this is just media incompetency. Imagine all the other ways he would be an incompetent president.
Now, I am not saying Barack Obama understands modern media any more than McCain (although he probably does). However, it is obvious that he can at least hire people who know not to set up a green screen behind him. If McCain can't even hire a decent AV department, what do you think his cabinet will look like?