Steve Ellington is an independent filmmaker, photographer and expert in visual media production.

Why "the automatic filmmaker"?

the name comes from the surrealist technique called "automatic writing" -- the process of writing without thinking to let your subconcious flow freely. I believe that the best human creation comes from the subconscious and so I strive to make my filmmaking as 'automatic' as possible. Almost every artist talks about this phenomenon -- when your art seems to take on a life of its own.

Selected Historyl

2015 Director/Cameraman - Ascent by ESHOVO (Music Video)

2015 Director/Cameraman - Speed Demon by Prinze George (Music Video)

2014 Director/Cameraman - 25 Years of Investigations (Short Documentary for EIA)

2014 Director/Cameraman - La Veeduría Forestal (Short Documentary for EIA)

2014 Director/Cameraman - Sixteens by SV (Music Video)

2014 Director/Cameraman - Private Beach (Music Video)

2014 Director/Editor - Gentle Discouragement (Music Video)  

2014 Director/Cameraman - Rubies in the Crown (Music Video)

2014 Director/Cameraman - Not Titled (Music Video)

2013 Editor/Co-Producer - ZiBBZ Season 5 (Reality TV Show for Joiz AG)

2013 Director/Cameraman - Portrait of an Urban Beekeeper (Short Documentary)

2013 Cameraman - Ben's Chili Bowl 55th Anniversary Promo

2013 Director/Cameraman - Everything You Have (Music Video)

2012 Director/Cameraman - Pittsburgh Opera Theater Summerfest Prom

2012 Editor - The Thrill with Benmont and Kate, Season 1 (Reality show on the Sportsman Network)

2012 Director/Cameraman - Handwerker als Edelmann (Promo for the Swiss Chamber Opera)

2012 Director/Cameraman - The Bench Musical (Promotional Video)

2012 Director/Cameraman - All My Diamonds (Music Video)

2011 Editor/Co-producer - ZiBBZ Season 2 (Reality TV show for Joiz AG)

2011 Director/Cameraman - Sulzer Pumps Core Values 2 (Coporate Communications Video)

2011 Director/Cameraman - Sulzer Pumps/Cardo Flow Solutions Day One (Coporate Communcations Video)

2011 Director/Cameraman - Johanna Tagada Has Monstrous Friends (Short Portrait Documentary)

2011 Director/Cameraman - Goodnight Company (Music Video)

2011 Director/Cameraman - Sulzer Pumps in China (Corporate Communications Video)

2011 Director/Cameraman - Songwriting and Solitude (Short Portrait Documentary)

2011 Director/Cameraman - Live Performance Video Series (Various Artists, Ongoing)

2010 Director/Cameraman - Matthew Anderson Wedding Photography (Promo Video)

2010 Director - Jailcard (Music Video)

2010 Director/Cameraman - Pimpinone oder Die Ungleiche Heirat (Promo video for the Swiss Chamber Opera)

2010 Director - Cafe Henrici Live Music Video Series (Ongoing)

2009 Director/Cameraman - BasFolies (Live Event and Promo Video)

2009 Director/Cameraman - Sulzer Pumps Core Values (Corporate Communications Video)

2009 DOP, Editor - Aus.Lauf (Swiss Short Film)

2009 Director, Editor - Legacy of the Great Aletsch (Documentary)

2008 Director/Cameraman - BasVegas (Short film produced for Mode Atelier Basman)

2008 Director/Cameraman - Subterranean iPhone Blues (Web Short)

2008 Director, Editor - Machbo [das Versteck] (Short film produced for Mode Atelier Basman)

2007 Director/Cameraman - Libra Armor (Music Video)

2007 Director, Editor - H.R. Giger's Sanctuary (Documentary)

2007 Director/Cameraman - Switzerland Travel Series for

2006 Motion Graphics Design - BOFFO! Tinseltown's Bombs and Blockbusters (HBO Documentary)

2005 Director - Freddie Goodtime (Music Video)

2005 Producer, Editor - Mikasa Soccer Highlands Commercial

2004 Motion Graphics Design - Mighty Times: The Childrens March (Academy Award 2005, Best Short Doc)