From the Archive: Freddie Goodtime

This music video was the last project I directed at Brooks Institute of Photography. The song is Freddie Goodtime by my friend Jane Lui. If you haven't heard her music, you should definitely check it out. Freddie Goodtime is a song about an angel who is tired of his angelic life. He wants to shead his wings and enjoy more lascivious human pursuits. Freddie has sent a letter to a friend explaining all of this, but the letter is sent to Jane by mistake. The song is Jane's response to his letter.

The scenes with Jane were shot at Lestat's in San Diego. Freddie's scenes were shot in Ventura. Just like the characters in the song; they have never met. The cinematography was by William Eubank.

From the Archive: I Know It

Way back during my first year in film school, we were tasked to create a short self portrait film for a documentary class. I am still quite happy with what I made -- though I probably would have recorded the voice over better. The piece is entitled I Know It.

From the Archive -- Tuesday's at Paddy's

I have decided to start a recurring segment on my blog that will feature some older projects of mine. First up is "Tuesdays at Paddy's," my first music video. During my first year in film school, I was visited by my friend Ryan Blue. We decided to shoot a music video and since there was a place in town called Paddy's, his song Tuesday's at Paddy's was a natural choice. Shot on my old mini-dv Canon ZR-10, the video quality definitely doesn't hold up to the test of time. I am, however, still proud of my first attempt at music video.

One cool thing to note about this video is that it will loop seemlessly :)