Rita Hey

Here are two more videos in the Presented by Cafe Henrici series, this time with the country/folk duo Rita Hey. We found a cozy alley in the Niederdorf and they played two songs:

Professional Lovers by Rita Hey

I Am Here To Stay by Rita Hey

Later that evening Rita Hey performed at Cafe Henrici. You can see them perform Heavy Metal Relationship on Youtube. I really enjoyed their performance, and their album We Know You Well, Sweet Misery is also very good.

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Americana by way of Portugal with "A Jigsaw"

On September 28th the Portuguese Blues/Folk band A Jigsaw came through Zürich on their European tour. In addition to their gig at Cafe Henrici, I also filmed a couple of live videos with them. It is hard to describe just how great these guys are. Just have a watch:

Red Pony by A Jigsaw

Return to Me by A Jigsaw

I  must admit that A Jigsaw is one of my favorite acts that has played at Henrici so far. Their album "Like the Wolf" is also very good. You can buy it from their online store or on iTunes.

The Human Statues

A few weeks ago Jeff Bryant of the Canadian duo The Human Statues came through Zürich to play a gig at Cafe Henrici. The next day we got together and made a couple of videos in the Niederdorf. The first song was tricky for me because I was walking backwards:

The Man on the Radio by The Human Statues

The second song was tricky for Jeff because this time, he had to walk backwards. Playing guitar while walking backwards is probably harder than holding a camera.

Honest Man by The Human Statues

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Pocket Cam: Relic

It's been a while since my last Pocket Cam entry, and this one is the least "pocket" of them all because I happened to have my tripod and my Zoom H1 with me at the time:
Thanks to my friend Pascal Grob for being the man in the photobooth.

For those who are in Zürich, the photobooth is located near Goldbrunnenplatz.

Here's a website dedicated to the photobooth.

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I Support the Tea Party

Gotcha! The tea party I am referring to is the Royal Tea Party, which was hosted a few weeks ago by Bellwether V here in Zürich. I was asked to make a document of the event:
iPhone/iPad friendly Youtube version

That is traditional Tibetan music you hear starting about the halfway mark. 

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Progress by Chloe Charles

Here is another in the "presented by Cafe Henrici" live street performance series.
More about Chloe Charles and the best cafe in Zürich.

Inspired by Man Ray

I was recently compelled to recreate a famous Man Ray image after taking a picture of the Sternwarte in Zürich.

Man Ray was an American photography who earned his fame amongst the surrealists of Paris. He is also my favorite photographer. Let me share one of my favorite anecdotes about him:

One day Tristan Tzara came over to Man Ray's studio in Paris and presented him with a flyer for an upcoming Dada event. The flyer said the event would feature a film by Man Ray. Man Ray thought that was a very nice joke because Tzara knew very well that Man Ray had not made a film. Tzara was serious however. He suggested that Man Ray make a camera-less film in the style of his Rayographs. Man Ray thought this was plausible,  so he acquired some 35mm cinema film and took it into his darkroom. Cutting it into strips, he laid it out onto a table and proceeded to sprinkle salt and pepper on some parts, toss thumb tacks onto others and various other things. He then developed the strips and spliced them together with some loose-ends of some other cinema film he had been experimenting with. When the filmed was shown at the event, it caused an argument in the audience as to its merits as art. This argument lead to a brawl that the police had to break up.

It is amazing what was so controversial in the past that it caused a fight. I attribute it to the cognitive dissonance of the new. When people are exposed to something they have never seen, or imagined before sometimes the brain can't handle it. I strive to create something like that.

Watch Man Ray's film "Le Retour a la Raison"

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Jane Lui @ Cafe Henrici

Here is Jane Lui performing her original song "Long Ago" from her show at the best cafe in Zürich back in May

This song will be on her new album Goodnight Company coming later this year.


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Illusionist Boy by Jane Lui

Last Month Jane Lui perfomed at Cafe Henrici. Before her set, when went to a beautiful rooftop in the Niederdorf and filmed this:
iPhone/iPad friendly Youtube Version

Check out more awesome videos of Jane on her Youtube channel

Special thanks to George, Tito and Olivia.